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King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd International Airport, Main P.O Box 3477, Dammam 31471, Saudi Arabia

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First time visitors to KSA

Welcome to the KSA.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia constitutes the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula with a land area of approximately 2,150,000km2.
Saudi Arabia is both an economic powerhouse and a country proud of its Arabic and Islamic heritage, natural beauty and its pivotal role in the modern world.

Saudi Nature:
Saudi Arabia truly is a land of captivating contrasts, rich culture and breathtaking scenery. The vast land includes craggy mountain peaks and arid deserts, rich plantations and farms, coniferous forests and coral seas, modern cities and historic monuments. The diversity of tourist opportunities offers something for everyone, whatever the time of year.

The climate:
Except for the southwestern province of Asir, Saudi Arabia has a desert climate with very high day-time temperatures and a sharp temperature drop at night. Average summer temperatures are around 45°C but can be as high as 54°C. Spring and autumn are mild, with temperatures average around 29°C while in the winter the temperature rarely drops below 0°C.
The varied landscapes with the sheer size of the country mean that whatever the season, there’s always a place with a welcoming weather.

The culture:
The Saudi people are renowned for their generosity and hospitality – traits that have been embedded since ancient times. Wherever you go in the Kingdom – from the modern metropolitan hotels to remote desert camps – you will be treated with the utmost courtesy, given every assistance and welcomed with open arms.
Therefore, travellers must in return respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times.

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Baggage Claim

Once landing, if you need to reclaim checked baggage, follow the signs for Baggage Claim (one level below the arrival gates). Look for the overhead displays that announce which baggage belt your flight’s luggage will arrive.

Please verify the luggage is indeed yours before you leave the Baggage Claim area. Baggage carts are available for free in the Baggage Claim area for passenger use. Airlines are responsible for handling and processing baggage.

Please contact your airline if you experience any issues.


Airline Baggage Policies Online

Air Canada
American Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Southern Airways (operates out of Signature Flight Support)
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Vacation Express


Rental Cars

If you need a rental car, head over to the Ground Transportation Center, where all rental car services are located in one convenient location. To get to the GTC, make your way to the lower level of the B terminal, one level below Baggage Claim, and follow the moving walkways to the rental car facilities.


Ground Transportation Options

Are you ready to hail a cab or pick up your limo or shuttle service? Those are conveniently located on the drive just outside of the B Baggage Claim on the Ground Level. Learn more about these services.

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The Arrivals Lobby is located on the second floor of the Terminal Building. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes after the plane has landed to complete all arrival procedures.

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