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King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd International Airport, Main P.O Box 3477, Dammam 31471, Saudi Arabia

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At KFIA, we strive to provide the best customer experience to all travelers and visitors to our facilities.

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Check-In Procedures

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience, we offer passengers a variety of options for checking into their flights:

1. At the Airport:
Passengers may check into their flights at their airline’s check-in desk or at self-service kiosks in the departures hall of King Fahd International Airport.

2- Online:
Most airlines now offer the convenience of online check-in . For rules, procedures and to know whether your are eligible for online check-in, please check with your airline in advance of your departure.

3 – City Terminals:
By visiting one of the branches of the City Terminal in Dammam and Khobar, which enables you to issue a boarding pass and drop your luggage 24 hours before the departure of your flight, in addition to providing safe packaging services for luggage.

City Terminal #1

City Terminal #2

Hours of Operation: Daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm

Important information for users of City Terminal services:

  • Registration for trips at the City Terminal is allowed at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Flight registration at the City Terminal is closed 6 hours before the flight departure.
  • Check-in services at the City Terminal are offered to airline passengers registered in the City Terminal only.
  • The City Terminal follows the conditions and policies for shipping luggage applicable at the airport.
  • Passengers’ luggage is transported from the City Terminal to the airport securely under strict procedures to ensure the safety of luggage.

Important check-out tips:

  • Do not leave anything to chance, as it is preferable to be at the airport 2-3 hours before the departure of your flight It is important to allow a lot of time to complete the check-in upon arrival at the airport.
  • Please make sure you have a valid passport, flight ticket or booking confirmation, as well as a visa for the main country of destination (if applicable).
  • Check-in usually starts at least 3 hours prior to flight departure, closes 45 minutes to 1 hour before flight departure for domestic flights. While check-in for domestic flights is closed one and a half to two hours before the flight departure, please check the airline’s instructions on the ticket.


Checking in your bags has never been easier! You may check in your luggage at King Fahd International Airport or at either of our two City Terminal locations. Below are some tips and additional information to keep in mind. Policies, Limits, and Rules: Know the baggage policies and rules of your airline to avoid additional tariffs. It is always wise to check permissible size and weight of both any luggage you plan to check in and any bags you plan to carry onboard with you. While rules vary from airline to airline, it is generally advised not to carry any flammable or radioactive materials and limit liquids you carry onboard to a maximum capacity of 100ml. Baggage Service and Packaging: If you need personal luggage assistance, King Fahd International Airport provides free luggage trolleys at our check in locations for your convenience.. The airport also offers a luggage service with porters available to help transport your luggage for a SAR 15 service charge plus 5% VAT. For your safety, please follow the following rules for prohibited substances that are not allowed to carry while traveling. If you are in doubt on whether an item is permissible to carry, please consult your airline. Safewrap Services: King Fahd International Airport has partnered with Safewrap (800-1161617) to offer the following services at the airport (located before security in the Departures level) and at our City Terminal locations: Airport Baggage Wrapping, Suitcase Wrapping, Packing Services, Luggage Guarantee / Insurance, Luggage Lockers, and Luggage Delivery


Airline Baggage Policies Online

Air Canada
American Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Southern Airways (operates out of Signature Flight Support)
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Vacation Express


Rental Cars

If you need a rental car, head over to the Ground Transportation Center, where all rental car services are located in one convenient location. To get to the GTC, make your way to the lower level of the B terminal, one level below Baggage Claim, and follow the moving walkways to the rental car facilities.


Ground Transportation Options

Are you ready to hail a cab or pick up your limo or shuttle service? Those are conveniently located on the drive just outside of the B Baggage Claim on the Ground Level. Learn more about these services.

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The Arrivals Lobby is located on the second floor of the Terminal Building. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes after the plane has landed to complete all arrival procedures.

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